Top 5 Tallest Lord Shiva Statues to Worship in India

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lord shiva temples in india

India has always been the land of different religions and the people of India worship a lot of gods. Lord Shiva is one of the most loved gods in the entire country and there are a lot of people who worship lord Shiva but do you know there are a lot of statues in the entire world dedicated to Lord Shiva? There are many statues created of the Lord in the entire world and here in the blog, we are telling you about the tallest mahadev statue in India

Tallest and Majestic Statues of Lord Shiva in the entire world 

Statue of Lord Shiva 

The tallest statue of Lord Shiva is located in South India and this statue is also the second tallest statue in the world. Located in North Karnataka, this statue is worshipped by a lot of people and there are millions and millions of devotees visiting the statue. 

Sarvershwar Mahadev Statue 

Completing in 6 years, the sarveshwar Mahadev statue is a very big tourist attraction and mahadev temple in India. The statue is located in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat situated by the Sursagar lake from all sides. 

Adiyogi shiva Statue 

The Adiyogi shiva Statue is one of the most famous shiv dham in India and this 112-feet statue holds the Guinness world record of being the largest bust sculpture in the world. The statue is located in Coimbatore and looks so majestic and peaceful that your heart will be filled with calmness. 

Apart from this, people also visit the Namchi Statue of Shiva and Shiva of Har Ki Pauri to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. 

Namchi Statue of Shiva

Located in the small town of Rhenock in Sikkim’s Pakyong District is the imposing 108-feet tall Namchi statue of Lord Shiva at the Char Dham Temple. Built of white stone, the colossal Kirateshwar statue has become a popular pilgrimage site, attracting devotees from across India and aiding local tourism like religious, rural and eco-tourism in the scenic Himalayan region.  

Shiva of Har Ki Pauri

Fly into Dehradun and travel to Haridwar for a spiritual awakening. On Har Ki Pauri ghat stands a colossal 100.1 ft Shiva statue in Swami Vivekanand Park, a major draw for devotees all day and night. Stay at the peaceful park till evening to experience Ganga aarti, having visited this iconic statue situated scenically on the Ganges in the holy city.


Located in Karnataka’s Vijayapura city, accessible from Goa or Pune, stands an imposing 85-foot tall statue of Shiva atop Shivagiri hill called Shivagiri Linga. Sculpted over 13 months, the monumental statue and underlying Shivalingam draw many devotees, having become a noteworthy pilgrimage site since opening on account of its grand scale and spiritual significance in this historic city.

Nageshwar Shiva Statue

Fly into Jamnagar and travel to the holy city of Dwarka, home to an important Jyotirling shrine. Within the historic Nageshwar Temple housing the Cobra Lord lingam sits an imposing 88-foot tall Nageshwar Shiva statue, drawing many devotees to its spiritual environs year-round and adding grandeur as one of twelve elemental Shiva manifestations.

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