Which is Better for Car Cleaning: Cotton Cloth or Microfiber Cloth?

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Car Cleaning Cloth

Which can offer ideal cleaning results for your car? What to choose between a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth for a smooth finish? Cleaning a car requires paying attention to the details. Apart from cleaning products, the fabric matters most for car washing. 

Though there are various options for cheap car accessories, try to get the one that can ensure the ultimate shine of the car. The material should be an excellent absorbent and doesn’t leave any scratch on the car’s surface. However, let us look at what to choose between a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth for suitable results. 

Why is Microfiber a Must to Use?

Washing the car is not enough; it is also about protecting its surface and retaining its shine. You cannot use an old cotton towel to wash it. For shine as well as protection, a microfiber car cloth could be the perfect choice. These are gentle on the car’s surface, efficiently lifting water or dirt particles without leaving any cloth impression.

The microfiber material is of premium grade, which makes the cloth an impeccable absorber and can clean efficiently more than a cotton cloth can do. 

Moreover, the material can offer excellent performance with a high shelf life. The cloth is a perfect pick for cleaning the car’s exterior and interior. You can pick the size of the towel that is convenient for you to clean the car. So, it is essential to consider a microfiber towel’s characteristics when choosing between a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. 

Comparing Cotton With Microfiber Material

Cotton is a natural fibre, and microfiber comes from synthetic material, which is mainly a blend of nylon and polyester. Microfiber has a fine finish, and it is almost one-third the diameter of cotton fibre. 

Also, cotton is a gentle and breathable option that will not scratch the surface and are inexpensive cloth material to buy. However, it pushes debris and dust rather than picking it from a surface. It comes from an organic source that can have bacteria or Odor. 

When wondering which one to choose – cotton cloth or microfiber cloth, focus on the characteristics of the fabric material. It will help you know which one would be suitable and solve your purpose perfectly. 

On the other hand, microfiber is lint-free. However, maintaining its fine finish and performance requires a high upfront cost and special laundering. These are some reasons why it is preferable to cotton for car washing and solves your doubt about choosing a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth.

Is it Suitable to Clean a Microfiber Cloth with a Cotton Cloth?

Microfiber care forms an integral part of the performance of a microfiber cloth. Do not wash it with a cotton towel, as it will retain lint from the cotton material. It is better to wash a microfibre cloth with a microfiber towel. 

Here, uses liquid detergent for the best results. After washing, dry the microfiber towel on low heat.  It helps retain the fine quality of a microfiber cloth. These are important to consider if you don’t know what to pick – cotton cloth or microfiber cloth.

Choosing Microfiber Over Cotton Towels for Car – Why?

Experts prefer towels for car washing services. It is perfect for various needs like cleaning leather seats, the car windows or washing the exterior of a vehicle. 

The reasons why the car detailing process is better with microfiber cloth than cotton are below.

Great Cleaning Material 

To choose between cotton cloth or microfiber cloth, microfiber is suitable for its excellent capacity to clean dirt. It has tiny microfiber particles that pick up and keep the dirt inside the cloth. However, cotton towels fail to do so and leave small dirt particles on the cloth, no matter how many times you rub or wipe against the cleaning surface. 

Moreover, microfiber produces a static charge from the microfiber material that rubs together for wiping the surface. This helps clean a surface effectively without leaving behind any dust particles. 

Weight of Detailing Towel

A heavy and thick towel can absorb more liquid. Conversely, a thinner and lightweight towel is easy to use and dries off quickly. 

Cotton towels are heavy and take a long to dry. And a microfiber cloth is light and also thick than a cotton towel. 

Extreme Absorbent Capacity 

The microfiber towel has a high absorbing capacity, and it is due to the tiny microfibers that can suck up liquid from a surface. It can absorb up to 8 times the liquid of its weight, leaving behind a completely dry surface. It also cuts off any chance of bacteria inhabitation while cleaning a car’s surface. However, this absorption capacity isn’t this high for materials like cotton and others. These help in choosing from cotton cloth or microfiber cloth for cleaning your car.

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