WhatsApp Blast Message Strategies: How to Reach and Engage Your Target Audience?

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WhatsApp Blast Message Strategies: How to Reach and Engage Your Target Audience?

Imagine you are a small business and want to promote an upcoming limited-time flash sale. Let the customers know about it. Promotions using one-by-one messages would be very time-consuming. It is here that WhatsApp blast messages would come in. WhatsApp has more than two billion active users across the globe.

Using WhatsApp blast messages would be beneficial in reaching out to a large customer base in one go. Businesses can save vital time by sending WhatsApp blast messages to their customer list without the requirement of contacting them individually. 

What is meant by WhatsApp blast message?  

WhatsApp blast message is a feature offered by WhatsApp business API. A message can be sent to a large number of people in one go. WhatsApp blast message feature brings in benefits for businesses who want to share deals, promotions, and other information with customers. 

WhatsApp blast message offers a very fast way of reaching a large number of people. Businesses can follow guidelines and terms of service issued by WhatsApp to make sure that the privacy of the users is respected.

Recipients must be sent WhatsApp blast messages only when they have opted in to receive messages from the business. Importantly, the content sent to the customers must be relevant and valuable to the customers. 

Benefits of WhatsApp blast messages

Instant Communication 

WhatsApp blast message provides a direct and quick method of reaching out to the target audience. When a promotional message is sent, it gets delivered to the smartphones of the recipients, typically at arm’s reach of the recipients.

This immediate method of communication ensures that the message is seen promptly. While promotion emails can end up in spam folders and social media posts could get buried in feeds, WhatsApp blast messages could get noticed almost instantly. Data available in the public domain indicates that more than eighty-nine per cent of users prefer sending text messages to businesses over other channels of communication. 

High Opening and Engagement Rate

The average opening rate of WhatsApp messages is around ninety-eight per cent. This opening rate is considerably higher in comparison to other digital modes of communication. Most people keep notifications turned on for WhatsApp messages. This could ensure that the target recipients are instantly alerted for the WhatsApp blast message. 

Cost Effective 

Using WhatsApp blast messages is a cost-effective marketing approach because significant financial investment is not required. Expenses are required to be made for using WhatsApp business API and the per-message charges. There are separate charges for user-initiated conversations and for business-initiated conversations. Importantly, 1000 free service communications per month are provided to the businesses using WhatsApp business API. WhatsApp Business API can also be used by small businesses. WhatsApp blast messages remove the requirement for printing and other distribution-related costs. WhatsApp blast messages are an appealing option for businesses operating with limited budgets. 

WhatsApp blast message strategies

Identification of target audience 

Providing tailored messages to the target audience increases the chances that the recipients would engage with the messages. Before creating WhatsApp blast messages, businesses must ensure that they are aware of whom they are talking to. They must also make an attempt to understand the needs, interests, and preferences of the target audience. This would help the businesses in figuring out who would be most interested in the offerings made by the business. 

Personalization and Customization 

Recipients prefer messages that are relevant to them and have a personal touch associated with them. The WhatsApp blast message must be created in a manner that the recipients are addressed with their names. This would add to the personal touch in the WhatsApp blast message. WhatsApp blast messages should be configured in different versions so that different versions of the WhatsApp blast message can be sent to different target groups of people on the basis of their interests, location, and other factors. 

Creating engaging and action-oriented WhatsApp blast messages 

Customers have a limited attention span. The attention span of most customers is limited to only a few seconds. It is important to grab the attention of the target audience right from the start. The message should contain catchy words and relevant questions related to the topic. The message must be kept concise and to the point. It is important to tell what is being offered and why the customers should care about it. The usage of words is most important. It is important to use action terms such as “Get started”. 

Use of multimedia 

Multiple media options such as images, audio, and videos should be added to make the WhatsApp blast messages more exciting and appealing. If the WhatsApp blast message is regarding a product, it is better to show an image of it to the customers. A picture can provide a clear view of the appearance, features, and benefits of the product which makes it easier for the recipients of the WhatsApp blast message to visualize the offering. Promotional videos could also be added to motivate the recipients to sign up and to make the WhatsApp blast message more memorable. Videos can help to make the WhatsApp blast message stand out and grab the attention of the recipients. Short videos can be used to demonstrate the product or to highlight a particular event. GIFs can also be used to add to the fun element.   

Incorporating Call to Action words 

It is important to tell the recipients what is to be done after receiving the message. This is where the Call to Action comes in. Whether it is related to buying a product or signing up for an event, it is important to tell the people what steps are required to be taken. Action words such as register today, shop now and find out more should be used in the WhatsApp blast message.

WhatsApp blast messages: Compliance and best practices 

It is important to adhere to the policies of WhatsApp business API. When WhatsApp Business API is being used, it is important to stick to the rules to ensure security and fairness. It is important to not overwhelm people with messages that they have not asked for. Care must be taken to avoid spam and unsolicited messages. Businesses should make an attempt to obtain consent using opt-ins. Before sending the WhatsApp blast messages, it is important to ensure that the users have given their green light. Importantly, recipients must be given the option to opt out with the help of unsubscribe mechanisms. This would give the recipients the option to opt out in an easy manner.    

WhatsApp Blast For Political Campaign

The WhatsApp Blast emerges as a double-edged sword of connectivity and contention. This modern phenomenon encapsulates the rapid dissemination of political messages on WhatsApp through private messaging groups, yielding unprecedented reach and influence. Swiftly traversing screens, these messages wield the power to galvanize opinions, spark debates, and mobilize support. Yet, this efficiency also raises concerns about the veracity of information shared and the potential for echo chambers to flourish. As these political missives ping across the digital landscape, they navigate the fine line between empowerment and manipulation, engagement and intrusion. Navigating this evolving terrain necessitates a nuanced understanding of the technological dynamics at play, the ethical responsibilities involved, and the collective resolve to ensure that the WhatsApp Blast remains a force for informed participation rather than a tool for information distortion.

WhatsApp blast message examples

Monthly Sale 

Businesses consider clearing their inventory towards the end of the month to start fresh in the new month. Monthly sale is beneficial in giving a boost to the monthly sales of the business. Businesses could use their end-of-month sales campaign messages to boost their sales and get new customers.   

Template message: 

Hey (phone number)! It is the end of the month. Are you feeling broke and still want to purchase that pretty bag? We have got an offer for you. Get 10% off on handbags till the end of this month. Place your order now before you start the new month. 

Back-in-stock notification 

When an item gets sold out once, people believe that it will get sold out again as well. This is especially true for good, useful, and popular products. This can help in improving the sales of the stocked items. 

Message Template:

Hello (phone number)! Your most beloved butter variant keeps flying off the shelf. It is super affordable, tasty, and keeps you healthy. It is back in stock today. Order now before it runs out of stock again. Follow the link for an additional surprise. 


WhatsApp blast messages help businesses reach a large customer base in one go. It offers a time-saving promotion option to businesses. Businesses can share deals, promotions for events, and other information with a large number of customers and people interested in the products offered by them. One of the most significant advantages of WhatsApp blast messages is cost-effectiveness, especially for small-scale businesses. Large investments are not required. Investment is required for WhatsApp business API and message charges, separate for user-initiated and business-initiated messages.

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