What is a 5xx Server Instagram Error?

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Instagram is one of the most famous social media applications a lot of people use as the application has a number of features that allow people to make their time more interesting. The application has allowed people to connect to people who are not physically present near them. The features and tools present in the application have made social media very awesome for users however, the immense use of the application has not made it safe from issues. 

There are many people who often see the error code 5xx on their screens when they try to use the application. If you have also seen this error code then, there is no need for you to panic as this is a very common error that a lot of people face. In the article, we are going to tell you what does 5xx server error mean on Instagram and what methods you can use to fix the error on your device. 

What is the Meaning of the 5xx Server Code?

There are different types of 5xx server codes in Instagram ranging from 500 to 511 and it is very important to know what are the different issues these error codes represent. However, before we tell you about the error codes, know that you can use common solutions to fix all the error codes on your application. 

Error CodeMeaning
500 Internal Server Error due to malfunctioning server
501 The Action of the user not implemented 
502 Invalid server response 
503Unavailable server 
504Gateway timeout errors
505HTTP server not supported 
511Issues with network authentication of Instagram 

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix 5xx Server Error on your Instagram 

If you are dealing with 5xx server error Instagram then, you do not need to worry as we are giving you some simple methods that you can use to manually fix these errors without visiting any technician. 

Solution 1: Restart your Instagram Application 

The easiest method that people can use to prevent this error is restarting the application. Most times people face this error because of technical bugs and if you face this error then, shutting down the application and restarting it is a very awesome method. 

Solution 2: Wait for Instagram to rectify the server error 

As we have explained earlier Instagram 5xx server error can also happen because of internal server errors of the application and if this is the case then, you cannot do anything other than wait for the application to rectify the error. You need to wait for a few hours and see whether Instagram has fixed the error or not. 

Solution 3: Ensure that Your Internet Connection is Stable 

The most common reason why people are not able to use the application and face this error is because of their Internet connection. You need to have a reliable and stable internet connection to ensure that you can use the application without facing any restrictions and errors. 

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