What Are the Specifications of the Tuxedo Cat Breed?

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Tuxedo Cat

Arguably the most popular cat breed, Tuxedo is best known for its distinctive black and white markings on the skin that resemble a formal dress. Despite not being an original breed its unique color pattern makes it stand out from others. These bicolored sophisticated tuxies are also referred to as bicolor cats.

The most common form of Tuxedo cat consists of a pure black color on the back, head, and tail, leaving the chest, legs, and downside pure white. Besides this, its color may vary depending on the breed’s living environment.  Various breeds have different fur lengths from long, short, and in-between along with a common trait of a black and white dress combination which is noticed in all the breeds of Tuxedo. 

To know everything about tuxedo cats, read the post. We have let you know everything about it through this post.

The Personality of Tuxedo Cats

The Tuxedo cats have a variety of breeds, each with different characteristics and the parent breed can tell the characteristics of the tuxedo kitten. Tuxies are sharper and can keep their eyes open for 24 hours, unlike other cats. Tuxies possess a very friendly nature and are cuddling kittens who have great affection for their parents.

When it comes to knowing the tuxedo cat personality traits each Tuxedo cat has their unique characteristics as some have spats like booties while others have masks with a white stripe on their face. Some other breeds have a facial growth that resembles mustaches which is likely to be seen in the traditional Tuxedo breed.

Despite not being the original breed the fluffy tuxedo cat has become famous for its unique traits. The average height of a cat is about 9-10 inches.

Some Facts to Know About Tuxedo

  1. Tuxedo Cats are Famous:   

Being a well-known tuxedo cat breed, it has been loved and admired by various celebrities. The Breed depicts the characteristics of two different variations of ancient Egyptian lore and Tuxies and has become more desirable as a pet that will perfectly fit in any family. 

  1. They are Adventurous:     

Unlike any common cats, Tuxedo cats are known to be very adventurous cats among all the cat breeds. It is the only cat that has scaled Mount Everest, A tuxy named Asquerd has accompanied a Viking exploration to America and grabbed the record of Mount Everest Climber.

Tuxedo Cat: An Overview

Breed Name Tuxedo cat 
Height 9 to 10 inches
Weight 16 Pounds
Lifespan12 to 20 years
ColorBlack and White
Suitable forFamilies, Companionship, Multi-Pet Households
TemperamentTalkative, Intelligent, playful, adorable

Types of Tuxedo 

There are various types of Tuxedo cats. Here are the types of tuxedo cats

  • American curl
  • American shorthair
  • British shorthair
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex
  • Exotic shorthair
  • La perm
  • Maine coon
  • Munchkin
  • Norwegian forest cat
  • Oriental (shorthair and longhair)
  • Persian
  • Peterbald
  • Scottish fold
  • Sphynx

Overall Tuxedo cats are a good-looking charming cat breed that is suitable for all types of families due to their very friendly behavior with kids as well as adults.

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