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The transportation, postal, and warehousing industries suffered the most work-related accidents over the past decade. An estimated 26% of all workplace-related deaths occur in these industries. Workplace safety is one of the most important things a business needs to ensure it maintains occupational health and safety compliance.

The best way to prevent a large number of workplace accidents is to install safety barriers. Placing them in strategic locations helps avoid accidental slips, trips or falls. Investing time and money in these basic measures can go a long way toward improving your workplace and providing better service to your employees.

How to choose the right safety fence? Here are some tips.

Location is everything

When you are setting up a barrier outdoors, it is best to install sturdy safety barriers They can withstand extreme weather conditions and take decades before needing repair or replacement.

If you’re going to use a guardrail near a sharp turn, it’s best to use a soft, flexible guardrail. This type of barrier can absorb more impact than solid barriers. This makes it less likely that people will be seriously injured in an accident.

Check Durability

If your workplace uses a lot of heavy equipment and vehicles, using guardrails can reduce damage to vehicles and property. Lack of protection can lead to costly losses and set your business back significantly. A moment of carelessness can lead to an accident, and the possible situations leading to an accident are infinite.

In this case, a suitable safety barrier should be one that has high durability and can absorb the impact of a collision. Traditional steel guardrails may not perform as well as you hope. So you need to choose your obstacles carefully.

Balancing Price and Protection

If you want to get the most out of your investment, you need to choose a safety barriers that provides good protection without damaging your wallet. Often, soft flexible guardrails are an inexpensive alternative to solid guardrails. They’re a good investment because they’re easier and less expensive to replace after an accident.

Another great reason to invest in soft flexible barriers is that they take minimal damage after a crash. After the accident, its sturdy counterpart was replaced. For soft and flexible types, the only parts that need to be changed may be posts or wires.

Choose the more obvious obstacle

Safety barriers should be impressive and hard to ignore. Larger, tougher obstacles are more noticeable, especially when they’re painted bright yellow. Choosing this type of safety barriers can help increase employee awareness of their surroundings.

They become more vigilant and develop the habit of checking their surroundings for potential dangers.

The right safety barrier should be a convenient means of ensuring employee safety awareness.

Check that the barrier is easy to install

Easy-to-install barriers become essential depending on the type of workplace you have. If your location is prone to accidents, you need to consider a sturdy safety barrier. They are easy to install and replace as you don’t need to secure them with wires and posts due to their weight.

In contrast, soft safety barriers are difficult to install due to their fragility. As you install each section around the perimeter, you’ll need to support them with a strong metal frame and keep them stable.

Function over style

An obstacle with a great design may look tempting, but be sure to stop and examine its capabilities first. Functionality comes before style. Also, be sure to check that it passes all workplace safety precautions.

Is it easy to install? Is it obvious? Does it work as expected and how durable is it?

If the hurdles pass these questions, then no matter how it looks, you should go for it.

What are some common locations that would benefit from a safety barriers?

Many businesses should use more barriers in their premises. This is a great way to control or prevent people or equipment from entering certain areas of the workplace. Listed below are some types of businesses that can benefit from this program.

Warehouse and Distribution Facilities

If you own this type of business, you need to keep your production floor safe for all employees and visitors.

Barriers placed around picking areas can provide additional protection against structural damage from vehicle accidents. This prevents you from losing business through possible injuries and downtime.


There are many industrial barriers on the airport apron. They use it to control the flow of pedestrians and vehicles as aircraft are loaded and unloaded.

Setting up double-layer rail traffic barriers can ensure that the trailer will not damage the light frame and other structures when moving.

Parking lot

Multi-storey car parks require high levels of barriers to absorb the impact of vehicle collisions. Additionally, these should prevent vehicles from going over the edge.

In addition to vehicle barriers, parking lots must also have pedestrian barriers to provide a safe walking space for people to get out of their cars.

Production facilities

These facilities have extensive machinery that poses many potential hazards to employees and visitors. Barriers should help prevent workers and visitors from entering areas with heavy operating machinery.

Some of these may have moving parts that could seriously injure an unsuspecting individual.

Get a Reliable Safety Barriers Today!

Choosing the right safety barriers takes a lot of patience. Your choice of barriers can mean the difference between life and death in your workplace. It determines whether your employees and visitors have a safe experience in your facility.

If you are looking for a good safety barriers, we have the solution for you. We offer a wide range of hard and soft barriers, all of which comply with occupational health and safety standards and come with a 5 year warranty. We have enough options to meet your business needs and make your workplace safer.

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