Know About All the Types of a Nail Art Brush

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professional nail art brushes

To draw complex yet appealing patterns and designs on nails, a nail art brush is a necessity that you must have. Otherwise, you might not be able to achieve your dream nail art at home and end up paying the hefty charges at the salon!The secret of most women to flawless nails that capture the attention of everyone out there is using professional nail art brushes. Each brush has a particular function in the application of nail paints and is available in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and materials. So, if you tend to reflect your personal style with artistic nails, you should use the best nail art brushes.

5 Types of Nail Art Brushes

Here are the major types of professional nail art brushes in the UK that will help you upgrade the overall appearance of your hand nails and toenails.

1.     Fan Brush

This brush has thin, widely spaced hairs, which resemble fans. It is frequently used to produce transition effects for giving an extraordinarily incredible look to your nails. In addition, it can be utilised to wipe the extra colour on your nail surface or remove additional shimmer.

Acrylic paint, gel nail polish, and other paints can be applied smoothly by their soft and split bristles. Moreover, it is often used by nail technicians to soften sharp edges or mix shades. You can even benefit from this brush for creating symbols of grasses and water on your nail design.

Besides, bristles that are made from high-quality material usually provide more effective control, lifespan, and endurance.

2.     Dotting Brush

It is a useful tool for making spots and swirls on nails. The brush often features a handle made of metal or wood with circular tips on every end that differ in size. Also, these handles offer a firm grip that significantly makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed while painting your nails.

Additionally, they also come with two different-sized tips on either end, which makes them ideal for various nail art designs. For making polka dots, petals, and other rounded patterns, you must purchase an outstanding dotting brush from a credible shop of nail art brushes in the UK.

3.     Angular Brush

An angular brush has strands that are angled and have a tilted yet pointed edge. It is adaptable and may be used to draw linear or wavy lines, as well as to paint gaps and elements. Moreover, its tilted point makes it perfect for drawing accurate lines and intricate patterns.

Further, angular brushes do tight colouring and produce authentic textures like snow and wildflowers. The well-known rose petal in the nail industry is best painted with it, and this is one of the reasons why it is considered the best nail art brush!

4.     Flat brush

It is a rectangular-shaped brush that paints the whole nail surface smoothly. It is often used to apply base colours, big shade blocks, and geometric shapes. Hence, you may greatly improve your nail art expertise and expand your artistic abilities with a high-quality flat nail brush.

Moreover, proper care and cleaning are necessary for this brush to guarantee that it lasts long and serves its function optimally. 

5.     Detail Brush

It has a lean, sharp tip, although it is significantly shorter in length. Its size and needle-like tip helps to make decorative borders or edges very neatly. Thus, we can assure you that your nail art will look incredibly amazing if you use it to add minute details and microscopic elements.

Besides, detail nail art brushes contain stiff and elastic synthetic bristles, promoting precise and easy application. Its ability to make a wide range of designs, from tiny patterns to well-elaborated ones, lets you accomplish stunning nail art that is guaranteed to amaze others!   


It is crucial to take your desired nail pattern into account while selecting a nail art brush because all of them have diverse roles. Moreover, they enable you to express your creativity and add elegance to your personality.  

If you’re searching for the best brushes for nail art, Cally Cosmetics has got you covered with a tremendous variety! 

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