How to Grow Your Business with Packaging Inserts?

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Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts is a low-cost way to provide value and increase customers’ interest. It is an additional item that e-commerce business dealers put inside the boxes for their customer’s loyalty. In growing your business, it is a great way to level up and promote your business or products. Whether you include a coupon, special offer, or product catalog, these inserts allow you to capture your customers’ attention and bring further sales. 

Make sure your inserts are professional and high-quality to your target audience. Including personalized thank you notes, coupons or incentives, and catalogs for awareness of other products you have will repeat purchases. You can also add customized inserts for loyalty program info, new product launches, seasonal promotions, and a lot more.

Creative and thoughtful designed inserts not only provide value to your brand but also drive sales. Through these inserts, you can establish a unique brand identity.

Packaging Inserts To Increase Engagement: 

Insert Cards may offer a great first impression when distributing products to current customers, new clients, or future customers. Therefore, you should think about using packaging insert from vive printing as a means of advertising your company and brand.

  • Insert Cards
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Ask for review
  • Suggested items 
  • How-to information and instructions 
  • About the brand 

Insert Cards:

Even an easy idea for an insert card can give you a big return on investment (ROI). The main things that business cards, thank-you notes, and other package pieces do are:

  • Make friends with your buyers.
  • Increase customer trust.
  • Make your business unique. 

And one more thing? Just have fun. Who doesn’t like getting something extra and out of the blue? It’s all about pleasure and surprise!

Promotions and Discounts:

Everyone likes to save money, so why not put a deal in each package? You can do this in many ways, but most discount cards give the customer a percentage off their next order, a coupon to give to a friend or a set number of dollars off based on how much they buy. 

Want to tell people about a new product? Inserts also work great for this! No matter what you sell, you’re making it more likely that the customer will come back or try that new thing.

Ask for Review: 

It’s no secret that product reviews and your social platforms can have a big impact on your brand, so include a card asking the customer to write a review and share their experience on their social feeds.

The more reviews you have, whether they are good, bad, or neutral, the better. And if a customer has a large social media following of their own, it’s a double boost for your brand.

Suggested Items: 

People who shop online are used to seeing “You Might Also Like” ideas, and you can do the same thing in real life. Based on what your customer wants, include items that are related or go well together, as well as product details and pictures that show how the items look together. Or, when a new product comes out, use an inner card to tell people about it. 

How-to information and instructions:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it’s left out. Care directions and how-to information are important for a good and easy customer experience. You can list steps in bullet points or write them out in paragraphs.

About the brand:

This customer choice will put the finishing touch on your package. By telling your customers more about your brand’s history, goals, and values, you make a personal connection with them. It keeps them coming back and makes them feel good about what they bought.

Why are custom packaging inserts important for your online stores? 

Custom packaging inserts are a great way for online shops to connect with customers and make them loyal to their brand. When a customer gets their order, and there are no extras in it, they may not be very happy. But putting in a branded, high-quality insert makes a good first impression right away and shows that you care about the customer experience.

With packaging inserts, online retailers can build brand recognition, introduce new goods, promote special offers, share product information, drive traffic to their websites, and thank customers. Things like coupons, product catalogs, tip sheets, and thank-you notes that come with orders remind customers about your brand and give them a reason to buy from you again. 

Since putting a flier or postcard inside a package doesn’t cost much, it’s a cheap way to keep customers and grow your e-commerce business. With so many digital touchpoints, custom packaging inserts are a good way for online shops to market their products offline. Making the opening experience fun for the customer pays off.

The Power of Custom Boxes Inserts: 

Custom boxes inserts allow brands to surprise and delight customers while conveying quality and care. Inserts provide valuable real estate for storytelling, promotions, and building customer loyalty. The unboxing experience is also made better by creative structure choices, like a magnetic closure or an inner tray. 

When it tells the brand’s story and shows what it stands for, it makes a link with the customer on an emotional level. Plus, customers like it more when store packages are easy to use, last a long time, or can be used more than once. With custom packaging that impresses every time a customer interacts with the brand, retailers can turn one-time buyers into lasting brand advocates. Putting in extra work to make goods look nice shows customers that their business is appreciated.

The shape, colors, graphics, and materials of custom store boxes, bags, and wrappers that match a brand’s image show customers that the business cares. We also offer custom retail packaging that has a big effect on customers and helps businesses win their hearts. When shoppers take an item out of ordinary, generic packing, it’s a forgettable moment. But when they open something that comes in sleek, unique, branded packaging, it makes them happy and excited. 


We understand how packaging inserts may expand your e-commerce business at Viveprinting. Coupons, catalogs, and thank-you notes please customers and encourage repeat purchases. High-quality, audience-specific inserts can boost sales, promote new items, and build emotional bonds. 

Packaging inserts show clients you value them and want to provide great service. Trust Viveprinting to produce inserts that improve first impressions brand image and first-time consumers become brand evangelists.


What are packaging insert examples?

Coupons, advertising flyers, product catalogs, instruction manuals, thank you notes, and brand history or values cards are common.

When should package inserts be used?

Packaging inserts help launch new products, execute sales promotions and holiday campaigns, welcome new customers, offer thanks, and strengthen brand identification.

What are the important factors of Custom Packaging inserts?

  • They Promote your brand
  • Unique designs
  • Not wasteful

Why is custom retail packaging beneficial for any business?

This packaging is useful because of its high quality and consistency.

Enlist some common examples of custom box inserts.

  • Thank you cards
  • Coupons 
  • Product instruction.

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