Bridging Education and Imagination: Exploring 3D Animation Services

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Bridging Education and Imagination

Bridging Education and Imagination: Exploring 3D Animation Services

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, 3D animations can help your business stand out in the competition. You can effectively educate your audience via 3D animated videos, which also bring imagination to life. Besides, 3D animation services specialize in creating stunning 3D animated explainer videos for businesses. In this post, we are going to explore in detail 3D video animation companies (services).

3D Animated Videos and the Best 3D Animation Services 

We have mentioned already you can step ahead of your competitors if you choose 3D animation for the purpose. 3D animated explainer videos bridge education and imagination to captivatingly explain the products and services of businesses.

Moreover, explainer video companies are experts in creating 3D animated content for brands. Many businesses hire these services to fascinatingly promote their brands and innovatively connect with the audience.

Next, we shall tell you the types of 3D animations that 3D animation video agencies create for businesses.

Types of Animated Videos That 3D Video Animation Services Create

The following are different types of 3D animated videos that 3D animation services create for brands:

1. Explainer Videos

These are the videos that explain the products or services of businesses to customers. Besides, many businesses invest in these short yet interesting videos to get their message through. Not to mention, animated explainer videos are a very powerful marketing tool that marketers often use in their marketing campaigns.

2. Product Demonstration (Demo) Videos

3D animated videos in this format allow businesses to showcase every aspect of their products stunningly and interactively. These videos ensure every detail of the products that businesses sell stands out. Moreover, product demo videos give customers a clear idea of how the products of businesses work. These are video types that 3D video animation agencies specialize in, too. 

3. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos with 3D animation allow businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Most importantly, these videos help businesses capture customers’ attention. 3D video animation companies create these videos tailored to the needs of businesses. Moreover, custom-animated promotional 3D videos help businesses clearly stand out among their competitors.

4. Crowdfunding Videos

3D video animation agencies also specialize in creating crowdfunding videos for businesses. Besides, businesses create these videos to gain investors’ attention. Put differently, crowdfunding videos allow businesses to effectively showcase their business activities. Moreover, experts in 3D video animation create unmatched 3D animated crowdfunding videos for their clients.

5. Video Ads

Animated video ads in 3D are short commercial videos that businesses create to promote their products or services. In general, you can find these ads on television channels or digital platforms, like YouTube or Facebook. Animated explainer video companies, in particular, specialize in creating animated video ads, such as 3D ads.

6. Cartoon Animation

An innovative yet effective way to promote your brand is that you come up with fascinating 3D cartoon animation. Besides, hiring a 3D video animation company can help you create perfectly branded 3D cartoon animation content. Moreover, 3D video animation companies are specialists in creating the best cartoon animations for brands.

How Do 3D Video Animation Companies Help Brands? 

3D video animation services help brands via brilliantly 3D animated content that they create for them. Moreover, high-quality 3D animated videos that video animation agencies create help brands in the following ways:

1.     Increase Brand Awareness

Watching engaging 3D animated videos help customers recognize brands. Put differently, it increases brand awareness when customers remember 3D animated videos of brands.

2.     Shareable and Reusable

3D video animations are easily shareable, today. Thanks to social media, in particular. Moreover, brands cannot only share these videos on social media platforms but also on trade shows, presentations, and more. Put differently, businesses can reuse the same videos time and again to reach a massive audience.

3.     Appeal to Masses

3D animated videos appeal to a broader audience because of their high-quality visuals, animations, and so on. Not to mention, these videos can easily stun the audience, unlike 2D animations because they have depth, too. Put differently, 3D animated videos allow businesses to more effectively promote to the audience what they do.

4.     Stand out

Watching unique 3D animated videos evoke emotions in viewers with a “wow” factor. Moreover, these videos also clearly stand out from other types of animation because of the mesmerizing content they feature.

5.     Boost Conversions

Placing 3D animated videos on the website helps businesses win conversions. How? More users stay on the website when they find interesting content on it, such as 3D animated videos. It also encourages users to watch 3D animated videos of businesses. As a result, it also leads many users to buy and try the products of businesses, which boosts their conversions.

How Efficiently Do 3D Video Animation Agencies Work?

Now you know what 3D animation services do and how they benefit businesses. It is time you know how efficiently they work when it comes to creating 3D animated videos. Besides, the process that 3D video animation agencies follow to complete 3D animation projects revolves around inputs and meticulous work. Based on creative input and work that animators and designers do, 3D animated explainer video companies create 3D animations. 

Moreover, mentioned below is the average time that 3D animated explainer video companies take for different types of projects:

  • 4 to 8 Weeks – To produce dynamic 3D animations with plain backgrounds and music
  • 6 to 10 Weeks – To produce 3D product videos with enhanced detail and environmental modeling
  • 10 to 12 Weeks – To produce 3D animated video content entailing complex modeling and all-embracing narrative  

How Do 3D Video Animation Companies Charge for Their Services?

Obviously, the more reputable 3D video animation company you choose, the more you will need to pay. However, various factors play a role in determining the prices that 3D video animation companies charge for their services. Moreover, we have mentioned the factors below:

  • The length of a video
  • Complexity of a project
  • Type of 3D animation
  • Requirements for the number of characters and objects
  • Level of details required for the project

Based on these factors, 3D video animation companies determine their service charges for creating 3D animated videos.

How Can You Find an Esteemed 3D Video Animation Company?

Finding one of the best 3D animation services is easy as long as you stick to the following tips:

  • Read previous customer reviews of services and go through testimonials.
  • Consider hiring a company that appears at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) while searching online.
  • Ask your friends, family, or acquaintances to recommend you a 3D video animation company.
  • Most importantly, look to hire a company that can complete the project bespoke to your needs as per your budget.


Businesses can stay ahead of the competition with 3D animated videos that the best 3D video animation services specialize in. Moreover, 3D video animation agencies can create different types of 3D animated videos for businesses. Explainer videos, product videos, and animated ads, to name some of them. Furthermore, brilliant 3D animations that animated explainer video companies create for businesses benefit businesses in different ways. Not to mention, the top 3D video animation agencies work efficiently to complete 3D animated video projects for clients. Lastly, they charge for their services based on certain factors, such as video length, complexity, etc.

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